In this post, I am going to be very honest about the many years I have been
struggling to become a successful Internet Entrepreneur.

My burning desire to become a successful independent entrepreneur began
in high school.

My motivation was fuled by my hard working parents.

Both of my parents at one time or another worked two to three jobs to keep
a roof over our heads, put food on the table and provide our other
essential needs.

Though I knew that my parents did not see us as burdens, I felt bad about having to ask my parents for money to purchase things that I wanted.

Reversing direction for a moment, I started working when I was 11. The man who
is now my brother-in-law hired me to work with him in his carpet and linoleum business that he ran and managed for his father.

As a result, I was able to buy my own clothes and other items that I wanted.

I will now move forward back to high school.

My real entrepreneurial experience started when I began tutoring other students in math.

I loved and still love math and science very much.

Star Trek and the Apollo Moon Missions peaked and nurtured my passion for math.

Math tutoring was my very first entrepreneurial experience.

My dream and goal has always been to become wealthy while my parents were living so that I could retire them so that they could enjoy the rest of their lives without worrying about debt.

I always wanted to be able to give my parents financial independence so that they could live their lives on their terms.

I wanted and I still want them to be able to take vacations when ever they wanted to or want to do so.

My parents sacrificed so much for me.

During my college years, I not only tutored on the side, I also tried my hand at running a mail order business and an import, export business.

I read a lot of marketing books and tried to apply what I learned.

The mail order business before 1996 was a lot of work. I did not know enough about market segmentation and many other critical marketing skills that was necessary to succeed.

I did not attain the appropriate knowledge I needed to succeed in the import/export business.

My mail order and my import/export pursuits flopped.

Through those years, I made my mind up that I was not going to give up. I so desperately wanted to change my life. I wanted so badly to transfer from being an employee to being a successful independent business owner.

I wanted the freedom that comes with being a successful entrepreneur.

Fast forward to 1996.

In 1996, I became infected with the Internet marketing bug.

I was so frustrated that I had not realized my dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

I grew very tired of having to work for money instead of having money work for me.

I was also frustrated with the fact the I had an employer who told me when I could take off and for how long. That annoyed me to no end.


My impatience and frustration during the next 25 years had me jumping from one shiny object and promises of quick riches to another.

During the past 25 years, I wasted a lot of money. But, I must say that when I look back on those years, I learned a lot from my floundering attempts to become successful on the internet.

I realized the following: (1) I did not master how to market any product or idea, (2) I did not learn how to track my marketing. I now know that learning how to track everything you put into action is extremely critical to being successful, (3) I did not learn how to build a mailing list, (4) I did not master how to learn what people really wanted to buy and (5) I was very stubborn and full of pride. I chose not to invest in a coach and a mentor because I thought that I was super intelligent and did not need anyone who had achieved success in Internet marketing guiding me so that I could achieve what had been so elusive to me for 25 years. I did not look at coaching as an investment. I saw it as an unnecessary expense and I saw it as some person who just wanted to take my money and pretend that he or she was going to help me achieve the success I sought. How was wrong I was. My lack of results show it.

After reading books such as “Think and Grow Rich”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and other similar books, I finally realized that the majority of successful business people hired coaches and mentors. They hired people who achieved great success in their chosen fields and had amassed a wealth of knowledge in the various fields where they had gained recognized success.

Most successful entrepreneurs allowed their coaches and mentors to show them the roadmap of success and they were willing to learn the laws and principles that applied in the particular area where they were seeking to achieve success.

During those years, I was able to discover who the proven internet gurus (for a lack of a better description) were.

Over the past year, I had to acknowledge that I was running on a treadmill going nowhere.

I made my mind up that I had to find the right coach and mentor that fit my needs and learning style and who had ALL of the necessary support structures in place.

I visited Jim Daniels’ site and saw that he recommended John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success.

I came to trust Jim Daniels and I knew that he was highly respected by other marketers for his honesty and his integrity

I decided to do as much research on John Thornhill as I could. After doing exhaustive research on John Thornhill and after closely studying what he offered in his program, I decided that I was going to join his program and see it through until I achieved success.

I made a commitment that I was no longer going to allow fear or shiny object syndrome distract me from putting all of my focus into his program.

I am tired riding on the up and down merry go round.

I am committed to completing this initial 60 day training for me and for my family.

I want to prove to myself and to my family that achieving success on the Internet is possible.

Right now, I cannot tell my family that I am in the program because they have watched me for 25 years strive for business success on the Internet.

Those of you who are reading this post may have experienced similar situations that I just described about myself.

You may be experiencing the lows and defeats right now.

I want to urge you to take a chance with John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success program.

You will not only have the support of John, but you will have the support and encouragement of the thousands of successful and influential marketers that John personally trained.

Remember this. The majority of the most successful business people on planet Earth hired coaches and mentors to help them navigate through the roads of business operations that the coaches and mentors successfully navigated.

    2 replies to "Lost In The Land Of Internet Entrepreneurship"

    • Lewis Anderson

      Hi Joshua, this is a really good and detailed history of what got you to this point. Thanks for sharing.

      When I was was writing my first post, I ended up splitting it into three, sections, then made three posts out of it as I had over 2,000 words!

      I also ended up swapping my about me page for my first post as my first pos ended up being more detailed about my journey than my about me page was, so I swapped them and made a few changes.

      It was a pleasure to read your story Joshua, good luck on your success!

    • Joshua Davis

      Thank you for commenting on my post. I will definitely think over what you shared.

      The moment I renewed my resolve not to give up and to continue to pursue my goal of achieving financial independence so I can do more to provide for my parents and my family, all of kinds of challenges once again presented themselves to me.

      I am fighting those challenges now! The difference is I refuse to give up.

      I look forward to learning together with those who are a part the Partnership To Success Family.

      I look forward to getting to know many of you who are a part of John’s program.

      I will leave you with this.

      Do NOT give up!!!!

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