My Internet journey began in 1997 when the Internet was in its growing pains.

At that time, I was teaching upper level high school math.

The working hours were very long and very demanding. As many teachers know,
your job does not end when you walk out of the building at the end of the day.

I always had a burning desire to run a successful business. I wanted
to have control over my own hours. Most importantly I wanted to be able
to provide my family with financial security.

I wanted to be able to take vacations with my family when ever I wanted
to do so.

As thousands of aspiring internet business people have discovered, attaining
the golden Internet lifestyle is not easy.

I had a burning passion and obsession with becoming independently wealthy.

I became consumed with the shiny object syndrome.

I spent a lot of money on programs that did not have ALL of the
essential pieces to them.

To get the essential pieces from the programs I tried, I would have had
to practically mortgage my house.

I do not put ALL of the blame on them. I was not fully focused even though
I though I was.

Let us fast forward to 2021.

I was finally hit with an epiphany that I needed to find a respected and
proven coach and mentor who can help me achieve the success that I am
seeking so I can provide for my family and enjoy more time with them.

After searching for a long time, I discovered John Thornhill.

I researched him for quite some time. I investigated him as thoroughly
as I could.

My research convinced me that he was the coach and the mentor for which
I was searching seeking.

I finally made up my mind that I will ignore every shiny object offer
that is put in front of me. I made a decision that I will stay laser focused
on the Partnership To Success Program.

I am determined that I will be teachable and that I will follow through
on the assignments that he gives me to complete.

I want to become a knowledgeable marketer who provides everyone with
quality products and services.

I realized I cannot give up because I want to do everything I can to make
sure that my family will have the financial security that they need and